Baby Buttons!

Someone is feeling naughty. He has confessed to having two modes. Fear Boner and… Feeling Naughty.

Wonder what this will inspire

Is this better?

Quarantine has left him with too much time on his hands so I’ve decided that he should use that time to entertain me.

Sometimes entertaining me is as simple as knowing I’m FULLY in control and can command him to do anything my heart desires. It’s not even about making him do it, it’s about KNOWING I can make him do it.

First. I had a photo saved from previous correspondence. I threatened to expose it if I didn’t get more, better photos.

Which he did!

Lil Baby Buttons!

Our first game was a simple RT game. The only goal was to get more eyes on baby buttons. 20 RT’s on twitter would get everyone a look at the bottom half of this adorable image. At some point during this he realized that the curtain was slightly sheer. Queue baby buttons freak out. Haha! It’s good for him to know that I have the power to leave the curtain there and just slowly make it darker… or lighter… in addition to raising it.

Stay tuned… I’m enjoying his desperation right now. So eager to please. So on edge. It’s a feeling I feed on and since the quarantine started, I’ve been so very hungry.


Our game continues! Baby Buttons it started off so VERY well! But then he lost 5% opacity on his curtain.

His assignment was to put a diaper on and call me. Simple. Right? He found a way out of the house and put his diaper on and we had a lovely chat. We talked about The Game and a couple of possibilities that might come up in the next few days and confirmed that yes, I would indeed be firm in that if he didn’t follow through, I would continue to expose him. At the end of our conversation, I asked him to send me a picture of his diaper, which he gladly did.

One problem though. That’s obviously a dry diaper. I told him to send me a picture of it wet. Then things went sideways for poor baby buttons.

He peed the diaper while standing next to his car and a “pretty deserted neighborhood.” Of course mid wet, a car drove by. Bonus points! All he had to do was send a picture…

Somehow he felt it wasn’t wet enough, and TOOK THE DIAPER OFF. Something about having to run into a place of business yadda yadda. So he apologized and asked it there was a way he could still finish the assignment since it was technically, a real life obligation that he had to take care of.


I tell him he has two hours to send a picture but this time it has to be wet enough that it would leak onto his pants.

Two hours later I get this.

Sort of wet diaper. TOTALLY dry jeans.

And. I didn’t JUST get that photo. I also got a long excuse about how he couldn’t get any more water to drink and that he peed, but it was a really super absorbent diaper, so would have taken hours to leak.

So I debated. Raise the curtain? Lower the transparency? I decided to lower the transparency to drag out the game. Because in the end, my goal is to FIRST and FOREMOST, to entertain myself. So I’m trying to drag this out as long as possible.

I sleep so well knowing he’s laying awake all night with a fear boner.

UPDATE! April 8th.

Today I was too busy to torment Baby Buttons, but I did hear that he was suggesting that perhaps I had blurred his face in the photo. And I must admit, I had. But don’t worry Baby Buttons! I fixed it!

Sleep well! Tomorrow is going to be a busy day!

UPDATED! Baby Buttons finally hit 200 likes and was able to get a little of his privacy back.

UPDATE. April 13th.

We took a few days pretty much off for the long holiday weekend. I did promise to add the blur back to Baby Buttons photo is he hit 200 likes on this tweet.

But alas… there is sat at 199 likes.

Tomorrow starts a new week and a new game. And I have a new picture! Curious?

BTW. I have the original of that image. The look on his face is priceless. As happy as Mistress Evilyne is? That’s how pouty Baby Buttons is.

Baby Buttons has been a good little boy so we have a more up to date page on my main site. Come visit and check out our alphabet book for ABDL’s!