sissy cuck pay pansy

Ah, my little diapered sissy cuck. These are photos from ages ago when they were first under my control. But then as life does, my little cuck was otherwise occupied. But thankfully, they are back now and this time I’m going to make sure they don’t forget where they belong.

At my feet.

These photos serve to remind my little diapered sissy cuck that there are more, FAR more daming ones that they haven’t sent me over the years and that they will need to obey or find them here for all to see.

rules for sissy cuck pay pansy

  1. Monthly Tithe.
  2. Practice stretching that hole until you can fit the large dick again.
  3. ALWAYS reach out when your partner is out of town. I may not have the time/need/desire to play with you but I should always be informed in case I do.
  4. Inform Me as soon as you know your partner has a date planned. When your partner is out on a date, you must;
    1. Wear chastity, plug, and diaper
    2. Spend the evening cleaning the house
    3. Stop every 40 minutes to spend 10 minutes riding AND sucking cock.

Rules will be updated as I see fit.