Sex Scandal Prevention

Confess. Obey. Submit. Surrender.

Portland Dominatrix Natasha Strange

You can’t stop obsessing about that dirty little secret of yours can you? Always wondering if you can get away with it one more time. But just the thought of getting caught thrills you like nothing else.

Let’s talk. I can help.

And I know quarantine has you wondering what you can get away with. Let’s find out!

sissy cuck pay pansy

Such a fun little sissy cuck – doesn’t she look cute in her diapers? She has her own page on here with a couple simple rules to follow. Should she forget, I’ll have to remind her with more explicit photos. She has sent me SO many over the years that I’m just itching to share.

Baby Buttons

And share he did! Good boy! Now you are at my whim while I decide what to do with you next. Although. My goodness. This photo is so adorable! I want to share it so very badly! Follow along for further assignments.

Pet K! Welcome!

Pet K has a LONG history as a mouthy, bratty bottom. And now his very own page on Sex Scandal Prevention!

This will soon be you!

Contact me.